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Triple Glazed Windows is a leading window installation company based in Dunstable.

Our company serves clients across the nation and provides both double glazing and triple glazed windows to all homes. During these times of increasing energy bills, having a double glazed window at home can be very beneficial and we are the best company for the job.

There are many benefits that come from double glazing and triple glazed windows as they can increase insulation in the home, maintaining a warm temperature and keeping you comfortable during the coldest months of the year. With our double and triple glazed windows you can reduce heating bills and the extra pane traps heat and keeps your home warm all winter long.

We have been working in this field for many years now, ensuring we have the experience necessary to provide a great experience to all our clients. Our windows are thermally efficient and energy efficient which is why they are the best in the business.

We are proud to have been recently voted the Number 1 Triple Glazed Window Specialists in the United Kingdom when up against all of the top-rated Triple Glazing Companies.

Our Dunstable team provides the installation of all double glazing and triple glazing for an affordable rate and serve clients across the UK. You can find our double glazed windows in homes in every region, all of which have been installed by our expert team.

If you want to decrease your energy bills in July 2024 this season while also keeping your home warm, then you have come to the right place. Please contact the team today to see how we can help.

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Table of Contents

Who Are We?

We are specialists triple glazed windows installers that serve clients in Dunstable.

Our company has been working in the field of double glazing and now triple glazing for decades, ensuring we can offer the best service to all our clients. You can find our double glazed windows in homes across the country and we will not be beaten on price.

As a leader in triple glazing, we are helping families across the UK reduce heating bills and maintain safe in their homes during these difficult times and have done so for many years.

Why Choose Us for Your Triple Glazed Windows?

We provide the best types of triple glazing available in November 2022 at an extremely high quality.

Our company is a leading installer of triple glazing and have worked with clients across the UK. We provide double glazing and triple glazing to all kinds of clients across the nation, helping homeowners and businesses reduce their energy bills by providing them with thermal insulation through our products.

What sets our company apart form any other window installation team is the fact we specialist in triple glazing. Most companies only offer double glazing, but we provide that third pane to all our products to make them even better in terms of energy efficiency and thermal efficiency.

We work with our clients throughout every stage of the installation, ensuring that we are on hand to solve any issues and prevent problems. We will be with you until the the project is completed to provide expert advice and guidance.

Why Choose Us for Your Triple Glazed Windows?

Over 10 Years of Experience

Our company has over 10 years of experience working in triple glazed windows in Dunstable.

We have supplied and installed triple glazing to thousands of homes and facilities across the nation, ensuring we are one of the best companies out there for the job.

Over the years, we have seen a lot of change to the homes we work with but one thing remains the same and that is people’s need for thermally efficient windows and decreased energy bills. This is why we have a range of products on offer and can provide the best triple-glazed window for your needs.

You can find our products at a range of locations across the country and we continue to be a leading supplier of both double glazing and triple glazing.

Accredited Triple Glazed Window Company

Our company is fully accredited in triple glazed windows and we have all the necessary certifications to do this work right.

We have been installing triple glazed windows for over a decade now and only work with the best in the business. All of our installers are fully accredited and highly experienced in this work.

Our company works to provide products with the highest energy performance to ensure the best for our clients. This is why we provide triple glazed windows as well as double glazing to ensure we can offer the best service every time.

If you are interested in the work we do in Dunstable, please contact the team today.

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Triple Glazed Window Materials

Triple glazed windows are widely used in cold climate countries, like Sweden and Norway, because of their high performance.

We are all aware of the benefits that a double glazed window can bring to the home and triple glazing goes even further. With the third pane of glass, these are even better for energy efficiency and thermal performance helping to prevent cold air from entering the home during all seasons.

To ensure we can provide the best products for thermal performance, we have multiple options. This allows us to work with all our Dunstable clients needs, as well as building regulations across the country, when installing triple glazing.

We provide the following double glazed windows and triple glazed windows to our clients:


These are our most popular thermally efficient triple glazed windows as they offer a minimalist, modern appearance to any home. When people opt to get new windows installed, this is usually the option they go for because it is highly versatile.

Our uPVC triple glazed windows in Dunstable are designed to be durable so they will last a long time. The simple modern design can suit any home and we can provide replacement windows to fit into the current spaces.

Any style of window can be made using uPVC and this is often the most affordable material to use. As uPVC is a versatile material, we can offer a range of finishes to all triple glazing installation and can provide all colours to suit your home.

We offer both double glazed and triple glazed in this material, ensuring there is something for everyone’s need and budget.


Our aluminium window frame is the slimmest one available which makes it suitable for all kinds of homes. We can meet your needs for square metre and glazing, as we offer both double glazed and triple glazed windows in this material.

There are many benefits that come from using aluminium for the external pane, including the fact these are incredibly durable and secure so they will last a long time in any climate.

People opt for these kind of window frames because they are low maintenance while offering the sleek, modern appearance that is highly desirable these days. We can install triple glazing to these frames to suit your needs. There are initial costs per pane of glass but we aim to be cost effective in our services.

Due to their thin frames, these have more glass than other options and can bring in more natural light as well as more heat to your home.

Whether you want your new windows to have two or three panes of glass, our team will offer the best, energy performance windows for you.


If you are wanting to replace your single glazed windows in Dunstable but currently live in a listed building or period property, then timber frames are the best way to go.

A timber window can be installed to meet strict building regulations, while also offering more heat than your old windows. We can install two panes to these frames, increasing the solar gain from the sun’s energy so your property will be warmer throughout the year without increasing energy bills.

Our timber frames come in a variety of finishes and stains to suit the property style.

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Triple Glazed Window Styles

As well as creating windows and doors out of several materials, we also offer a variety of styles. This ensures we can work with all kinds of clients across the UK.

Our double glazed and triple glazed windows come in the following designs:

Triple Glazed Flush Windows Dunstable

A flush window is a great option for a range of Dunstable properties because it has a contemporary, slim appearance. This allows for more glass to be shown, which is highly beneficial when you are paying for an extra pane to be installed and can bring in more heat than any other option.

Flush windows, also known as casement, are made to have a clean, flat finish which is where they get the name. They are installed to be flush against the walls of the property with almost invisible joins.

With an A + energy rating and 1.3 u Value, these are highly efficient. Ready to get your triple glazing installed? Contact our team today!

Triple Glazed Window Styles

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Triple Glazed Bay Windows Dunstable

Bay windows with double glazing can offer some charm and character to any property, helping to keep the unique features of your home while also increasing thermal insulation.

A bay window is an arrangement of three or more individual window units, which is installed as a projection to the wall. Unlike flush frames, these do not smoothly fit against the walls and instead protrude to offer character to the property.

The centre pane of glass is usually the largest when it comes to bay windows and this can be made using double glazing or triple glazing.

Due to the amount of glass used for these, they are highly energy efficient with a window u value of 1.3. These can be installed with any kind of frame and material you desire, as well as a unique configuration to suit your property in Dunstable.

Triple Glazed Tilt and Turn Windows Dunstable

Our windows of this category are designed to offer easy maintenance and secure ventilation.

They turn inwards which makes cleaning easier, as well as offering additional security to the home. These are usually installed using low maintenance uPVC making them suitable for all kinds of properties and they are designed to last.

A double glazed window of this style is one of the most versatile options you can choose and we have two options of openings. Whether you chose for the window to tilt horizontally or vertically depends on your needs and that of the building regulations, but we can provide everything you need with our installation services.

Coming in a range of finishes and glass options, these windows can reduce heat loss from the home and are installed as A rated double glazing as standard. We can add three panes of glass is required to lower the window u value and increase the efficiency.

Triple Glazed Cottage Windows Dunstable

If you are replacing your single glazing windows but want to keep the traditional appearance of your home, then these are a great option.

Cottage double glazed windows are designed to replicate traditional cottage windows which can be seen across the UK and are a great way to preserve the character of your home. These are installed as a triple or double glazed window that gives the appearance of separate panes of glass, while preserving the energy efficiency associated with triple glazing.

We can ensure a A rated double glazing or triple glazing for these, as well as a low u value while also creating a traditional appearance to your home. The low iron glass is installed to look like separate panes and can be fitted in uPVC frames to suit all modern needs.

Triple Glazed Sash Windows Dunstable

Triple glazing sash windows can prevent heat loss and reduce energy bills while also keeping in with the regulations for your listed or period property.

Our new double glazing windows of this style are made to meet the traditional period design, while meeting modern requirements to provide energy savings. Despite the sash opening of the window, our frames are designed to reduce draughts in the home and this is made even more effective with triple glazing.

We can provide these in the traditional wooden frame or offer uPVC for a modern feel and low maintenance replacement windows. They all come with smooth mechanisms to make it easy to open the window and bring fresh air into the property without losing heat.

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Triple Glazed Windows Cost

The cost of triple glazing in Dunstable is between £4,500 – £5,100 based on an average property.

There are several factors that contribute to triple glazing costs and we aim to provide a cost effective service to all our clients. As there is more glass and therefore larger frames required for triple glazing compared to a single glazed window, you can expect a higher price tag.

However, due to the benefits it can provide the triple glazing worth is much more than the price and this will continue to years to come.

Factors affecting the total triple glazing cost

The cost of triple glazing can vary based on several factors, such as:

We offer a complete service for all of triple glazed window installations and can provide double glazing if this is required.

To learn more about how much triple glazed windows cost and to request a quote, please contact the team today.

Triple Glazing vs Double Glazing

Triple glazing is essentially an upgrade from double glazing because it has an additional pane of glass. Whereas double glazing is installed with two panes of glass, triple glazing has three which creates two sealed cavities.

The additional layers of glass can provide more benefits. During this time of increasing energy costs in Dunstable, it makes sense for people to consider triple glazing for their home or business because that additional pane of glass can improve conditions significantly. As well as the additional layer of glass, triple glazing comes with a layer of insulating gas in the centre pane.

The inert gas is usually argon which is thicker than air meaning it will trap as much heat as possible which is where the high triple glazing energy rating comes from. This is known as the U or G value.

We have a range of options for triple glazing and can ensure that windows with this extra pane of glass fit in with your needs every time. Our windows will be made to the exact square metre requirements for your home and we have a range of options.

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Benefits of Triple Glazing

There are many benefits that triple glazing can provide which makes it a better option than double glazing or the traditional single glazing we have in Dunstable.

You can determine the triple glazing worth based on the following benefits:

Creating Coziness

Triple glazing offers a great deal of benefits to homes including the atmosphere it can provide.

As these are renowned for their energy efficiency, with their low e glass and triple panes, triple glazing can create a comfortable and cosy environment in any home. This applies to any kind of window you choose, whether this is bay windows or flush windows, because triple glazing has a great energy performance and maintains heat well.

By ensuring that less heat escapes the home, while also bringing in good levels of natural sunlight you will find that your Dunstable home is more cosy with triple glazing.

Benefits of Triple Glazing

Reduced U Value

The u value of a window indicates how energy efficient it is and is a way to determine the energy performance of double glazing and triple glazing.

With that in mind, most triple glazing windows how a low u value of 1.3 which is one of the best in the business. This comes from the three panes and the fact that low e glass is used, meaning the triple glazing energy rating is high in all climates as well as the additional layer of argon gas. This additional layer of argon gas, which is an insulating gas that is heavier than air and therefore makes a great thermal layer, is what makes triple glazing so effective.

This is commonly installed in the centre pane, between the two layers of glass for the best performance. It can contribute to how effective this window reflects heat, offering better temperatures inside the home and reduce carbon emissions.

The reduce u value is something to consider if you are wanting to prevent heat loss from the home and reduce energy bills.

Noise Reduction

Noise pollution is an issue in many regions in Dunstable and our triple glazing can help with this.

Not only do these windows provide thermal efficiency and increase solar gain in the home, they can also reduce the noise from outside. This allows you to protect your peace at home and literally shut out the rest of the world due to the thick glass and multiple layers offered by triple glazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Triple Glazed Windows Worth It?

Triple glazed windows are worth the money.

Triple glazing is more expensive than double or single glazed windows but there is a good reason for this. Not only do these windows come with additional layers of glass, but there is also a centre pane of insulating gas has a great solar gain as it reflects heat.

Triple glazing costs are more than any other kind of window, but it is worth it due to the benefits it provides. Additional features can be added, all of which contribute to the total triple glazing cost.

Is triple glazing any better than double glazing?

There are many benefits that come from triple glazing compared to double glazing, including reduced g value, higher energy efficiency, and lower bills.

What is triple glazing?

Triple glazing is essentially one better than double glazing. Not only does it have a third pane of glass compared to a double glazed unit, but there is also an insulating layer of glass to provide better benefits.

triple glazed windows faqs

Do you get condensation with triple glazing?

Due to the three panes of glass, there is a higher surface temperature on double glazing. This surface temperature, which is usually around 16 degrees compared to the 10 or less of the past, can reduce condensation even during the coldest months.

Will triple glazing make my house warmer?

Triple glazing is a great insulation option for most homes and will effectively trap heat inside the property in Dunstable.

How long does triple glazing last?

Triple glazing can last a long time because it is durable and sturdy.

This kind of window can be maintained by our team for an additional cost to ensure longevity, but the durability is one of the best factors and ensures you will have them for many years to come.


Some of the manufacturers we use include:

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We absolutely love the service provided. Their approach is really friendly but professional. We went out to five different companies and found Triple Glazed Windows to be value for money and their service was by far the best. Thank you for your really awesome work, we will definitely be returning!

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We have used Triple Glazed Windows for many years as they are certainly the best in the UK. The attention to detail and professional setup is what makes this company our go-to company for all our work. I highly recommend the team for the immense work - we highly recommend them!

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